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Is slot machine gambling addictive? This is why it has been called the “crack cocaine for addiction”. What is the most addictive type of gambling, slot machine gambling?

In this article, I’ll try to answer the following questions. These are very important questions, and they can help explain why so many people get hooked on “slots”, ‘pokies”, or “fruit machines”.

Psychological behaviorists refer to slot machines as “intermittent reinforcement” This means that a winning hand at a slot machine is only possible occasionally.

This form of reinforcement is powerful as the reward is only given at specific intervals. This can easily lead to an addictive reaction and obsession. You can create an obsession if you reward only occasionally.

Additionally, research has shown that gambling addiction is linked to dopamine neurotransmitter. Dopamine has been called the “feel good” drug. The slot machine illusions and the occasional winning spins can create a rush in the brain of dopamine that encourages people to continue playing.

Most people have heard that gambling addicts are “addicted” to the action and not so much in winning money. The dopamine rush, which is powerful and addictive, makes gambling euphoric. It is an end in itself, and a means to an ending.

Dopamine’s role in the brain is extremely important and powerful. Individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disease were addicted to gambling and specifically to slot machine gambling. These individuals were able to stop taking their medication and stopped gambling. This happened to many people who took these types of medication.

The “crack cocaine of gambling” is slot machine addiction for several reasons.

Crack cocaine is one the most addictive drugs currently in existence. Also, slot machine gambling is the most addictive type of gambling.

Both can be compared because of how quickly the addiction progresses. With a slot-machine addiction, a person can experience complete despair and devastation in as little as one to three years. The other forms of gambling don’t move as fast.

Another way to compare is how addictions can cause despair and debasement due to their addictive nature.

These addictions include prostitution, stealing, drugs, financial loss, and even marriage breakups. You might have heard horror stories from people suffering from one or the other of these addictions. These stories are common.

It’s easy to make the comparison between slot machine addiction and crack cocaine addiction. It is amazing to see the similarities between these addictions.

Slot Machine Addiction: Why is it the most addictive form of gambling?

This question is connected to the two areas I have discussed, with a few additional concepts I feel are important.

o These machines are designed to seduce and intoxicate people by psychologists and other specialists.
o The brand new video mulit-line, electronic slot machines feature graphics and colors that are both compelling and stimulating for the eyes.
o The music of video slots machines is stimulating, repetitive and seductive. It can also be reinforcing. You can sense subliminal messages in this.
o Video slot machines have bonus rounds that can encourage play even with large losses. These rounds are extremely exciting and provide a rush.
o Speed of play and modern slot machines keep you adrenaline pumping.
Despite the fact that the jackpots from slot machines are often huge, the odds of winning them are just as unlikely as winning the powerball lottery.
You can “zone out” at the slot machines. The slot machines of today can place you in a hypnotizing trance which is hard to break.
Slot machines don’t require any skill. It is easy to just press the buttons and not think, forethought or contemplate.
o You can easily keep playing the slot machines, as they all accept dollar bills. They also give out coupons after you stop playing. Money loses its value and becomes “monopoly”.
ATM Machines are often located close to the slots machines. Again, this encourages you to continue playing.
Many slot machines offer denominations from 1 cent to $5 cents. This trick fools the player into thinking they’re not spending too much. However, the maximum wager can go as high as $15-20 per spin. Is this a penny or nickel-sized machine?