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During early development, arts and crafts are extremely important for young children. Research shows that art expression develops brain capacity in early childhood and engages children’s senses in open-ended play, developing cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills.

Quickly approaching, Valentine’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to express creative and artistic abilities for young children, as well as giving them important lessons on the subjects of love, friendship, and expressing their feelings. The American traditions of exchanging Valentines in the classroom can leave many shy or sensitive children distraught and stressed when they receive less than another classmate or do not have enough to give one of their own to every student Scottsdale Florist.

This stress can be alleviated when parents take the time to help their children create special Valentine’s Day crafts and handmade valentines for their fellow classmates. Not only is the parent able to make sure there is enough for each student, the time the child spends creating has many benefits to his or her cognitive growth. Children who participate in arts and crafts feel positive about their work when they are able to create something they like and enjoy, so encourage children to make valentines that reflect their personal tastes and interests. Participating in the arts also encourages children to be flexible, develops concentration and the ability to interact with other children, including how to wait their turn. But above and foremost, children who are artistically active develop confidence in their abilities and are at ease with their creative nature. has created a resource center for Parents and Teachers. The resource center has Valentine’s Day Card projects, videos, how-to’s and other ideas. The resource center is focused on recycled and low cost Valentine’s Day cards that are quick, simple and inexpensive to make. The resource center is located.