Medical Technologies – Are They a Good Idea?


It is 2017 so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised with all the advancements that are being made. Every time we think we are learning the newest one of the technology models shows up.

The terms of this technology are different, we also have technologies and advancements being made all the time. These technologies are put into place with the idea that they are making the lives of medical professionals easier Medical Condition.

Some of these are beneficial to medical professionals and their patients. While other technologies are questionable, they are beneficial or not. I am going to discuss three of these technologies and give my opinions on them.

The question I ask here is they really make the lives of medical professionals how to use these technologies than on patient care?

The Electronic Health Records first medical technology, also known as EHR. This system allows all information to be added to the database and be reviewed by medical professionals. This information system includes:

Basic patient information
Past medical history
Patient medications
Lab and x-ray information and results
Notes on patient visit
Patient diagnoses
Vital signs

Benefits of this system include:

Cutting back on paper since all patient information is entered on this database instead of being hand written.
Allows patients to review their records online through the patient portal.
Allows medical professionals to coordinate care by sending patient information to each other.
Saves space that is required to store paper medical records and allows this space to be used in better ways.
Allows 24 hour 7 days a week access.
It saves time and money.

Some cons of this system include:

Not all patients are tech savvy and won’t benefit from this system.
Like with all online systems EHR systems are at risk in regards to cyber hackers and malicious hackers. This means extra diligence is necessary to prevent patient information from being accessed by unauthorized users.
If the system is not updated, it will cause problems with the use of the system.
If the internet goes out of a facility than this system is useless.
In my personal opinion I feel this technology is beneficial to medical professionals, as well as patients. It allows patients to be involved in their care instead of feeling what they are in the dark and not knowing what’s going on with their care.

This system also has many advantages for medical professionals. Patient care is more than just having time to communicate with patients. I also feel that this happens with paper records and reducing the errors of medical professionals.

The second medical technology is Infusion Pumps. Infusion pumps are used to deliver fluids, nutrients, and medications to patients. This device helps deliver controlled amounts of fluids to the patient’s body.

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